SEHEE Sehee E&C Branding & Identity

Identity design for Sehee E&C

Sehee E&C

Design Scope
Logo, Mark
Identity design for a company that manufactures and sells building materials.
Sehee E&C is a construction company which manufactures and sells windows and doors with glass, exterior finishes. As the business expanded they needed a new identity. Since they have plans to expand their business into execution of building work, the new identity should be suitable even without changing for the future business as well as for existing business items. We created the interesting logo based on an architectural motif of elevation which has perforated windows and doors. A combination of basic geometric elements such as a square and a line to typography gives unique impression of figures of an elevation or a cross-section of standing buildings. It was also designed as brand marking on window and door products as well as an identity applicable to various promotional materials such as catalogs and other construction related application.
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